Baby Mashing set

KSh 499.00
  • BPA free
  • 2 in 1 masher and bowl
  • Can be used as easting bowl as well
  • easy to wash
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Bay mashing set is a 2 in 1 bowl where one can mash and eat from the same place.

comes with a mashing bowl and a masher.

  • The set comes with a microwave-safe serving bowl, so you can cook the vegetables right in there. The handheld masher quickly makes food softer and safer for baby to eat. Plus, the non-skid base on the bowl keeps it from sliding all over the kitchen counter during the mashing process.

Chemical Free

  • Our bowl set is made with the highest quality material, meaning no chemicals or potentially dangerous fillers, and absolutely no change of taste when using to store food.

Key Features

  • You will fall in love with this product because it is so simple. It does exactly what you need it to do and it doesn’t require that much of an effort on your part. Sure, it takes a little more work than those fancy baby food processors that steam and puree food with the touch of a button. But those can be rather pricey.


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KSh 499.00