Silcone Spoon feeder

KSh 850.00
  • Feeding spoon has a super soft silicone spout, which can prevent hurting baby’s mouth and throat.
  • The bottom of this product adopts suction cup design, which can be fixed standing on the table to prevent food spillage.
  • It is made of high quality silicone material.
  • This product is suitable for home, household, kids, baby, outdoors etc.

Silcone spoon feeder is made of quality PP and silicone, safe, without BPA, it will not hurt the baby’s  mouth.Package includes: Silicone Baby Feeder Bottle with Spoon. To use simply fill the silicone bottle with the pureed food and gently press until the desired amount collects on the spoon to feed baby. Disassemble the bottle and wash well after use. The food feeder comes with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage ,dust and facilitate outdoor use.the silcone feeder has  suction cup at the bottom of the bottle.The bottle can be fixed on the table and not easy to spill, not easy to leak.





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KSh 850.00