Double electric breast pump-MOMEASY

KSh 8,499.00
  • Express more milk in less time with this double electric breast pump
  • Soft cushion gives a warm and gentle feel to skin
  • Comes with a natural shaped nipples and makes baby easily feed from breast and bottle
  • 2-phase expression Technology
  • BPA free
  • Smooth vibration/massage

The Mom Easy Double Electric Breast Pump helps improve lactation of breast milk. After breastfeeding your child, it is important to express out any excess breast milk in preparation for the next feed. It enables you to sit in a more comfortable expressing position and you don’t have to lean forward to ensure all your milk ends up in the bottle.Note:Before using the breast pump, disassemble all the parts, clean them with a dishwasher or neutral detergent, (Do not use sterilants or detergents to wash it) then sterilize them in a steam sterilizer or cook for 5 mins in boiling water.With the electric double breast pump, it requires less effort than manual pump. And saves your time.
The electric breast pump is pain free; it can control the suction and adjust the strength freely.Double Breast Pump. With the T-tube, you can use it as single breast pump or double breast pump for your needs.The sound of the breast pump is only 40-50 decibel which is lower than the voice of normal speech.Portable. It can be connected to the power bank by the USB cable. Thus it is convenient for you to carry it everywhere.BPA Free. Made of PVC raw materials, contains no harmful substances.


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